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Business - Commercial - Professional Liability

* Specializing in difficult to place risks *

Business Insurance :
Your business is important to you and your employees.  You have a unique responsibility that most individuals never experience.  Today more than ever, your business survival depends on your calculated decision making.  Some decisions are hard to make, are not without lingering concern.  We have knowledge, and the skills to resolve your coverage needs and concerns.  The decision to work with an EMB Specialty agent is a decision you can be confident with.  We will take personal charge of insurance needs, and offer you a simple solution to protect your interests. 

Commercial Business Risks
From a simple rental property, to a massive industrial complex, EMB Specialty, LLC has you covered.  We specialize in commercial risks that most standard insurance companies have to turn their back on....Apartment buildings, Hotels, Shipping centers, Vacant dwellings, Office buildings, Schools, Manufacturing, and so much more!  We can cover your exposure with outstanding coverage options and competitive premium pricing. 

Commercial and Fleet vehicles
America depends on the men and women who day in and day out, get the job done on the road.  EMB Specialty has partnered up, and has your rigs covered by the best in the industry.  Excellent rates and coverage options are available.  Good credit and good MVR’s are a must. 

A Snapshot of coverage’s we offer:

l Contractors l Fleet Auto l General Contractors l Manufacturing l Auto Related Parts l Metal Goods l Food Products l Real Estate Properties l Schools - Trade or Vocational l Vacant Buildings & Dwellings l Distributors & Wholesalers l Associations l Landscapers l Dwellings (1-4 Family) l Main Street Business l Apartment Buildings
l Condos l Office Buildings l College/Universities/Schools l HVAC l Day Care l Restaurant/Pub/Tavern’s l Mercantile l Deli l Equipment Rental l Consultants l Painters l Medical/Surgical Supply l Municipal Property l Caterers l Excavation l Handyman l Shopping Centers l Roofers (Residential & Commercial) l Snow/Ice Removal Contractors l Wrecking/Demolition l Youth Programs l Sheet Metal l Tree Service l And so much more !!

Professional Liability/Pollution :
EMB Specialty, LLC offers outstanding and very competitively priced products for professionals of all arenas.  We proudly offer over 80 classes of office based professional E & O coverage’s.  In addition, we offer specified professional liability products for medical providers, web designers, consultants, all forms of management, D&O, EPLI, non-profits, and so much more!  Our coverage’s are broad and unique, with a fast turn around so you can focus on doing what you do best.  We are there for you.  

l D&O EPLI Coverage l Consultants l Medical Providers Professional l Construction Management E & O l Technology Consultant Liability l Environmental Consultants E & O l Contractors Pollution Policy l Real Estate Agents E & O l Insurance Agents E & O l Architects & Engineers E & O l Condo & HO Assoc. D & O l Employment Practices l Property Managers E & O l Recruiters Professional l Public Official Liability l Corporate D&O l Medical Providers l Non Profit D & O

Over 80 other classes and Specified Professions available...CALL TODAY !


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