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Life - Health - Disability - Long Term Care

EMB Specialty, LLC offers top ranked Life, Health, Disability, and Long Term Care insurance products.  We keep company with some of the most respected names in the industry such as Mutual of Omaha, Midland National, Assurity Life, Genworth Life, John Hancock, Assurant Health/Time, Independence Blue Cross/Personal Choice, and many more.  EMB Specialty, LLC has the ability to offer you individual and group coverage at your convenience.  Go to our “Request a Quote/Request Info” now, to get started !  Our professionals are awaiting your information to get you what you need.

Act now!  Term Life Insurance is at an all time low price. You owe it to your loved ones to protect them and your goals and dreams.  If you are healthy, a non-smoker, and are not overweight, you could qualify for the greatest preferred rate ever offered!  Smokers and other rate classes are also experiencing terrific rates do to current market conditions and underwriting guidelines.  Call EMB Specialty, LLC now to get started!

Long Term Care

What is it?  Why do I need it?  How’s it different for my disability or medical insurance? 

Long Term Care is basically assistance that someone needs if they are suffering from a chronic illness that cannot be cured, but managed.  The U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging explained how long-term care differs from other forms of health care:

Long Term Care allows an individual to gain and hold on to a level of functioning according to their maximum ability.  The care stretches across the arenas of medical, social, personal, supportive services.  This level of care provides the ability to offer special housing arrangements within your own home, to better support your care due to lost capacity of self-care due to a chronic illness or disabling condition.  

The Types of impairment are 1.) Acute impairment, 2.) Physical impairment, 3.) Cognitive impairment.

Long Term Care normally does not require skilled medical care, but is almost exclusively custodial or non-skilled care, which is supervisory or hands-on services from certified home health care agencies of your own choosing, or even informally by family and friends that have no particular training in health care.

The Consequences of not having a Long Term Care product in your well being line-up is simple...Your family will feel:

  1. The emotional and physical stress of caring for their loved one. 
  2. The financial strain to the family’s retirement portfolio, which was never intended to pay for this care.  By reallocating any money from the retirement funds, your lifestyle, and family planning will be compromised. 
  3. The viability of surviving spouses, or children who depend on an inheritance, will be in serious doubt.

Medical coverage, Medicare, and Medicaid covers hospital stays, and very short term skilled placement, depending on the policy, and its provisions.  Medical coverage does not pay for home care.  Disability Coverage is just covers you for specified amounts in the event you are unable to work, and is not available after retirement.  You will find that without Long Term Care Insurance, you risk losing your personal savings, and other important assets due to the costs of care that your normal insurance will not cover.  Ask an EMB Specialty professional today about how you can save.

Think you are going to live a long life and could have a chronic situation later in life?  Do you understand the consequences of a serious strain on the emotional, physical, and financial elements of such a condition?  Here is your answer, you need a plan today!  If you are between the ages of 50 and 60, and are in good health, you need to call EMB Specialty today and begin a family saving plan.  Long term care insurance is one of the best safeguards for all concerned.  Let us help you preserve your way of living.


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