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Our Interests / Privacy Policy / Business Terms

Our Interests:

EMB Specialty, LLC promotes the understanding, ethical, and forever loving treatment of animals.   We have dedicated ourselves towards the protection and health of all animals, both domestic and wild.   One of our many goals is to donate much needed funds and supplies to shelters and clinics. In addition, we encourage and promote everyone to better care and love their pets, and respect wildlife.   We believe there is no greater a bond than that of a pet and their people.   Please remember to spay and neuter, never ignore any animal in need of help, and report any and all actual or possible abuse.

The crew of EMB Specialty are serious sportsmen.  We all adhere to and support the laws and policies with regard to Pennsylvania Hunting and Trapping.  We understand the importance of natural resources, and the beauty and majesty of our wild friends.  Tread lightly, replace a tree, brake for wildlife, don’t pollute, and enjoy nature is our credo.

The EMB Specialty crew can all recall very strong and special moments with our elders.   The memories of how traditions were started and continue on today, and the ones that seem to slip away after they do, helped define who we are.   We remember their pride, and the lessons they taught us.  Their cherished era evoked strong values and morals, hard work and respect. It is these intangibles that our society is losing every day.   We at EMB Specialty believe the values and fortitude of yesterday will help guide us through these uncertain and morally unfit times.   We strongly support the services and foundations of the aged.   Wars were fought for our lifestyles and freedoms of today.   We believe that It's time for America to wake up, parent-up, be responsible and accountable, and take care of our elder and veteran men and women.   Do your part now and contact one of the sites below and get involved.  Lastly, smile and say thank you to those that gave and continue to give so much, as they deserve our love and assistance.  




Privacy Policy/Terms of Business:

EMB Specialty, LLC respects your privacy. Your email address and personal information is not shared or sold in any capacity with the only exception of the insurance companies we represent to serve your needs.  By entering this website, you are subject to normal and customary internet functions.  EMB Specialty, LLC, does not use this website for any purpose but to inform you (the general public) of the products that it represents.  As such, any individual or entity that enters this website is forbidden to use any caption, design, wording, or otherwise, without the expressed written permission of EMB Specialty, LLC.  Excluding view only and request a quote/information, any use of this site by any individual or entity other than EMB Specialty, LLC, or EMB Specialty, LLC’s webmaster, will be punishable under Federal law. No documentation other than legitimate requests for insurance request for quote(s)/information will be permitted.  Requests for information/quote(s) must be made by legal United States Citizens of age 18 or older.  Proof of age and citizenship may be requested.  All prospective, existing, and former client information is secured.  The information and appearance of the EMB Specialty, LLC website may change at any time.  The products that are offered within this site may also change at any time. 

EMB Specialty, LLC strictly adheres to all Pennsylvania Insurance Department policy and procedural guidelines and laws.  Under no circumstances will any fraudulent or perceived fraudulent activity be unreported to the State of Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner’s office.  Under the State of Pennsylvania Insurance Department’s Law, your policy may be cancelled at any time due to fraudulent activity of any kind.  In addition, you are subject to the underwriting guidelines and policy provisions of the insurance company represented on your insurance policy.  Upon acceptance of your insurance policy, you (the insured) assume full responsibility for the policy provisions, and terms of such insurance policy as stated within the policy itself which includes but is not limited to payment of premium, change of information, reporting a claim, notification of any discrepancy of coverage of any product line and or value, omission of information of any kind, failure to report or comply, etc.

Payment of premium: EMB Specialty, LLC will provide payment options at the time of official proposal.  Premium payments are subject to the terms and conditions of each insurance entity issuing contracts, and EMB Specialty, LLC, and are subject to change.  Appropriate notification to all parties will be expressively done in accordance to all insurance law and practice.  EMB Specialty, LLC does not accept personal checks for payment of premiums unless arrangements are made in advance.  All checks made to EMB Specialty, LLC must clear prior to insurance issuance.  Payment type is determined by each insurance carrier represented.  Payment types may include business credit card, business check, and automatic electronic bank drafts.  “Terms” of payment must be 100% secured prior to insurance binding and coverage. 

All EMB Specialty, LLC Policy and Procedural information and guidelines is subject to review and change at the sole discretion of the Directors and Officers of EMB Specialty, LLC at any time.  EMB Specialty, LLC, reserves the right to hire and discharge employees at the discretion of company management.  Employment with EMB Specialty, LLC, is “ AT WILL”, and according to all current company, state, and federal employment guidelines.  EMB Specialty, LLC has in force strict employment, business practice, and related policies for the protection of all employees, officers, EMB Specialty, LLC itself, and all entities affiliated, both former and existing, as well as any and all prospective affiliations.  EMB Specialty, LLC is privately owned and operated, and is not an interest in any capacity, or an affiliate or subsidiary of any other entity.  No stock or other financial holding is offered or implied on behalf of or in benefit of EMB Specialty, LLC, or agency ownership.  Any and all refusal to offer salable insurance products to any individual or group is strictly adhered to and governed by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department’s policy related to such refusal.  For your convenience, below is a link to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department.  Lastly, the information contained in this section may be changed at any time, and is subject to revision, correction, and changes according.

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